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Two weeks Break:( Date: Sep 5th @ 3:10am EDT
Heey,Im sorry to announce but I will be offline for two weeks!Im working for new project and thats need time!
In period 4-18 September 2017 I will be offline,but anyone who really miss me and want to have some time with me can message me and keep in contact!
I will miss you all>:d<
Be Good and Don't forget me:*
Long time away Date: Jun 25th @ 1:33pm EDT
Hey guy's I write this for people who were wonder where I am in this period?!Well,I will be away in period 23 June-2 July 2017 to fix some things for school,Is my senior year and I should do some sacrifices to gratuade(hooray)
On 2nd July 2017 is the biggest and the most wanted Pool Party,I will be there waiting you to see me and my buddies having a lot of fun together!See ya on 2nd July!!!
A Spa Near the Rhein Date: Mar 10th @ 2:32am EDT
I had an important, but hectic business trip scheduled in Köln in the middle of November. Normally, the corporate travel department flies me out on a Saturday and back the following Saturday. When I got the tickets, I was scheduled for my normal Saturday departure, but my return was a full ten (10) days later. I wasn't all that happy about the schedule, but with air travel these days, you take what you can get. As I left the office, my supervisor gave me an envelope with a spa reservation. He said all my hard work deserved some recognition. I was appreciate, but ambivalent about the spa idea.

The trip didn't start out well. I was late arriving at EWR and missed my connection to AMS. I got alternate routing through FRA, more difficult and much delayed. When I got to Köln. I discovered my bags were in AMS. Somehow, the bags made the connection.

On arrival, I was hungry, smelly and tired. The hungry part was easy enough to handle, a couple of Kölsch and a local dish. The smelly part was a little more trouble. Fortunately, the hotel had nice toiletries and plush robes. Sleep came easily after a shower.

I stayed at a hotel near the Hauptbahnhof and the meetings were within walking distance, across the Rhein, at the Messe. The meetings were difficult, but productive. All of the Germans spoke English, but the Italians and Spaniards spoke only their native languages and German. So, German was our common language. I had to listen carefully and speak haltingly. We had rich, lavish lunches and boozy dinners which went well into the night. I only made it to the fitness center a couple of times. I was getting sluggish and felt bloated. But, everything was successful, and I almost forgot to check out on Friday morning. We adjourned after lunch on Friday, and a car was waiting to take me out the Autobahn towards Aachen.
A Fantasy That I Think About A Lot Date: Feb 24th @ 1:36am EST
About a year ago, I had a fantasy about another man. I still find myself thinking about it, thinking about how it would feel to be with a man. So I decided to find out. I had found someone that has had the same feelings I had and asked him if he would like to try it. He said he wanted to see what it was like so we found a place to meet. I ran my hands down his body, feeling his soft skin and finding his soft cock. I start rubbing it and it's getting hard so I ask him if he would like me to blow him and he said yes. I knelt down and run my tongue up his shaft; bringing my mouth around the head I can feel him getting harder.

I get into the rhythm as I'm sucking him and I can't help but moan. My cock is getting so hard it hurts and I grab onto him and pull him deeper into my mouth. He grabs my head and helps me go faster. As I speed up he moans loudly and then says he's going to cum. I pull away and say no, telling him I want it inside me. Already on my knees, I turn and bend over, exposing my ass. I feel something cool and wet on my hole and then he puts the head of his cock against my hole. I take a deep breath and he pushes it into me.

I feel my hole open up and I yell out for him to stop because it hurts. He stops for a moment and the pain eases. I can feel his cock inside me and I have to say it feels so big and hard. Then he starts moving in and out of me and I can't help but to moan loudly. I start to feel my cock leak and with every thrust of his cock it gets more intense. I bear down on the bed and yell as I shoot my hot cum all over. As I cum, my muscles contract onto his cock and he grunts with pleasure.

With every push his cock is getting so big that I feel his veins inside me. He grabs my hips and pushes himself deep inside me and yells out that he is coming. I feel his hot cum stream inside me like I do to my wife and I say, "Yes, give it all to me!" and I then cum again.

I feel his cock throb inside me and then I find myself saying I want more. I put my chest on the bed and push into him as his hands go onto my back and he thrusts into me. I moan more and more and I feel his cock sliding in and out more freely. As it moves in and out I feel his cum coming out of my freshly fucked hole. I feel like coming again so I push faster and harder into him and I hear him chanting "yes, oh yes" as he pushes hard. He is pushing so far into me that I feel his cock in my belly and that makes me cum so hard that it hits me in the mouth.

He pushes into me again and again; his cock is so hard and he is driving it so deep inside me. I ask for more, begging him to please give it to me as I want every last drop of cum he can give. With those words he screams, "Here it comes!" and then I feel it shoot inside me. I scream in joy and then drop down to the bed weakly. I find myself crying, asking what just happened to me? How can I enjoy this so much when I have been married 10 years? But when I look up, he's gone.
I love you in your underwear Date: Feb 21st @ 1:40am EST
Walking into your room and there you were, in your underwear. The way that you lay there on your back, with your legs over the edge of the bed was so sexy, I immediately felt that same thrill of desire, just like I always used to when I saw you in your underwear back in those schooldays.
This time I was going to be braver than last time we met; even if I risked total rejection, I just had to know if it was all My fantasy or if there was something in you that felt the way that I did.
I sat down next to you and put my hand on your thigh...
"You have such lovely legs", I said.
You smiled and looked at my hand, still resting there on that lovely thigh. For a moment my courage failed me.
"Oh, sorry", I said, taking my hand away, and flushing with embarrassment.
"No, that was kind of nice, the way you touched me", you said.
Hearing those words, and the way you smiled when you said 'Touched me' sent a warm thrill right through me, my heart beat fast and I felt myself trembling inside.
This could be the moment I had dreamed about for so long!
If I didn't take this chance I knew I would regret it forever, so, trying to steady the tremble in my voice I asked:
"Would you like me to touch you some more?".
"That could be nice", you replied.
I reached out and put my hand on your knee, after a moment I began stroking your leg, slowly moving upwards, soon my fingertips were caressing the inside of your thighs, I looked at that delicious bulge in your pants, it was visibly getting bigger, you had closed your eyes and were smiling..........
Oh what a beautiful feeling, this was really happening at last!
I let just the tips of my fingers lightly touch there, while I watched the expression on your face, you gave a small sigh and moved slightly, then you took my hand and placed it right there where it wanted to go, Oh what a gorgeous feeling!
I stroked the soft cotton, feeling the form of your cock in there, you opened your mouth and sighed with pleasure.
This was so nice, I was very aroused now, my cock stiff in my pants, I touched myself as I continued to stroke you there.
I pictured all the things I had always fantasized doing with you.
Feeling bold, and extremely horny, I got off the bed and knelt down between your knees, you slid forward towards me and opened your legs wide.....
"Oh yes.....Please...!" you said, as I began kissing the inside of your thighs. My kisses moving up between your legs, I felt the warmth of you, that delicious sexy bulge just inches from my face.
I leaned forward and kissed you there, pressing my lips against the cotton, Oh the feeling of it! I was doing all the things that I ever dreamed about, the times I'd masturbated to this fantasy and here it was really happening! I was kneeling between your legs and kissing you through your pants, and Oh I was loving it!
I opened my mouth wide, breathing my warmth onto you, feeling your pleasure as I moved my lips.......................
I reached up and very slowly began to pull down your pants, gently freeing that beautiful big stiff cock, Oh and there you were, naked and so desirable, your big sexy cock, and those lovely big balls, so soft and full, I stroked them with my fingertips, then leaned forward again and kissed them, licked them and caressed them with my lips.
By the sounds you were making, it was clear that you were in Seventh Heaven, and I was so happy to be sending you there!
I began to lick your cock, slowly from base to tip, but I couldn't resist for long and in no time at all I was shivering with delight at the indescribable thrill of your cock slipping between my hungry lips...!
"Oh Yes..., but I want you too....!" you sighed, as you reached down, stroking my hair, and gently pushing me away.
"What do you want to do?" I asked.
"Oh...... a beautiful sixty-nine with you", you replied.
I got up from where I was and we both lay down end to end on the bed, I felt you pulling down my pants.....
Soon we were both naked, I reached out and cupped your lovely firm buttocks in my hands and pulled you towards me, burying my face between your legs, kissing and licking you passionately.
Then I felt your warm lips on me, I took your beautiful cock once more in my mouth, I reached between your legs and softly fondled your balls with my fingertips, you began to move your hips slowly, Oh such a sexy wonderful feeling as your cock slipped in and out between my lips, I began to move my hips in time with you, slowly, slowly, we made Love....................
Dirty cops Date: Feb 19th @ 2:01am EST
This is a true story about when i got pulled over last week.

I was late for school so i was driving faster than i normally do.

I didn't see the undercover cop that was three cars behind me and I sped up to make it through a yellow light. Shortly after I passed the light I looked behind me and saw the blue lights come on.

I was so worried cause i cant afford another ticket.

I pulled over turned my inside lights on and looked in my mirror again to see a cop walking up on both sides of my car. They asked for my license and registration so I gave it to him and he asked me if I knew why I was getting pulled over and I said I was driving too fast.

I begged to officers not to give me a ticket and he said we will be right back. He was gone for a couple of minutes and when they finally came back I begged again and I said I'd do anything not to get a ticket. They both looked at each other and told me to follow them and I said "ok they got into their car and I followed them to a very secluded area.

The officers got out and told me to get out, so I did and the lead officer told me to get in the back of his car and open my mouth so I did.

He unzipped his pants and I sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. I cupped his balls with my left hand and stroked his shaft while i licked and sucked the head. He was moaning very loudly it was getting me excited I was getting an erection.

I deep throated his cock and I felt his cock head swell and large amounts of hot cum filled my mouth but I swallowed all of it and sucked his cock clean. He told the other officer that it was his turn so he came over I opened my mouth and he said nope, "pull down your pants and get on your knees", so i did. I felt him spit on my asshole and he rubbed his finger around my tight hole. Ie spit on it some more and i felt his cock head at my rosebud. He pushed in and my ass was on fire as his cock stretched my hole three times the normal size but he didn't stop and let my ass get used to it he just started pumping in and out harder, faster, and deeper each time.

After i finally got used to him fucking my tight hole i started to push back towards him until he was balls deep and i could hear his balls slap my ass and touch my balls.

He fucked me as hard as he could for about ten minutes then all of the sudden he grabbed my hips and pulled me as tight as he could against him I felt his member swell up deep in my ass and I could feel large spurts of his hot jizz fill my ass.

He told me to pull up my pants sit down and suck his cock clean. I was hesitant so he pulled out his gun put it to my head and said either you suck it or you can eat a nine millimeter bullet so I opened my mouth and sucked his cock until he came again in my mouth. Then he told me to get in my car and get to school.

I got to school later than i would have been if i just took the ticket but i was able to swallow two hot loads and my ass was filled with another hot load all before 8 am. Again this was a very true story about my experiences let me know what you all think and i hope to have more fun to tell you all about soon!!!
Used Porn For Sale Date: Feb 17th @ 1:18am EST
Early one Saturday morning while my wife was away at work, I was searching the internet and saw an add for used porn for sale. It said, "Straight, bi, and gay DVD's-all in very good condition!" I was very interested and sent a reply. I have a large collection of porn, but no man on man porn so I was hoping to add some to my collection. Within minutes I received a response saying it was available along with a number to call. I dialed the number and the voice of what sounded like an older man answered. I told him I was calling about his porn and would like to check it out. It was just after 8:00 am; he gave me directions and said I could come over in about an hour. Since I had just gotten up just a short time ago, I showered and got dressed and left.

It'd been about an hour by the time I arrived, knocking on his door. The older gentleman answered the door, welcoming me in after I told him who I was and what I was there for. Being as he had gay porn I thought he might look gay, but he looked like an everyday guy. He was about six foot tall and somewhere over two hundred pounds, in his late 50's, with salt and pepper hair. He told me the DVD's were in his movie room and he led the way. He had a nice big screen-like 55 inches or so-with a couple of large shelving units full of DVD's. He handed me two stacks of DVD's; the first stack he said was man on man, as I had indicated I was interested in on the phone. As I went through them he told me what ones he preferred. After I went back and forth through them repeatedly, he said he could play them so I could browse through the chapters on his big screen. I felt a little nervous, but said sure.

He took the DVD's from me, turned everything on, handed me the remote, and told me to have a seat on the sofa to get comfortable. He selected three DVD's and said these are the best out of the ten, putting one in the player. Just as the screen popped up to select the play options and the porn music started, I felt a tremble rush through my body causing the remote to shake in my hand.

He noticed and told me, "Don't be nervous, just relax." He then grabbed a remote for the lights and said, "Here, let me dim the lights down for you."

Just as I selected a scene he asked if I minded if he had a seat on the sofa. How could I say no since it was his sofa, so he quickly sat down. This whole thing was awkward and I was feeling very nervous. I fast forwarded off and on, browsing through the scenes and quickly found myself getting a slight hard on. By the time I browsed through six scenes on the first DVD, I was so turned on. As he got up to switch the DVD, I noticed by the bulge in his pants that he was as well.

While putting in the second DVD he said, "Damn; that one never got me so turned on before," and then sat back down. After browsing the first scene and starting the second he said, "I hope you don't mind," and with nothing else said, he undid his pants and pulled out his already hard cock.

Oh my gosh, I thought to myself as I looked out the corner of my eye. My heart begin to pound as I noticed him gently stroking himself right there next to me. I was so nervous but so turned on, my own cock was bulging and throbbing in my pants. I slowed down on browsing and began to nervously watch more of the action on the screen, but not for long. While he continued gently stroking his hard cock he asked me if I would like to give him a hand. I wanted to reach out and touch his hard cock but all I could do at that moment was stare down at his throbbing cock. Then he just reached over, taking my hand and guiding it over to his cock, placing the palm against his shaft; without any resistance, I found myself wrapping my hand around his big cock. Within seconds I was slowly stroking up and down on his hard, throbbing cock. He told me how good my hand felt and said he has been wanting a helping hand for a long time.
Answering the Best Ad Ever! Date: Feb 16th @ 2:10am EST
I could not believe the ad I was reading. Wanted man to be my full time complete slutty wife. Duties are you keep me happy and my friends when I tell you to. No house hold chores, must love being dressed as a woman at all times.

I called the number right away and got an appointment after sending my pictures. I got dressed up and drove to the interview even getting a few whistles along the way. I wore my tight red dress and decided to go with no stockings as it was midsummer but wore my stilettos. Underneath I wore my black lace panties and matching bra. I had to be careful as my dress would ride up at times and show my ass. I put on my best wig and makeup even a little perfume as I knocked on the door.

'Hello I am Tanya I am here for the interview.' I said to the very large tall man who was at least a foot taller than I was. He invited me in and told me to stand against the wall holding my shoulders against the wall to enforce what he wanted.


He said so I stayed flat against the wall with my back feeling the cool of the air conditioning from it. He then reached down and put his hand on my bare legs feeling my thigh as he slowly moved up around as his fingers touched my ass cheek then around to the front where he gently felt my balls and soft cock thru my thong. He then stood up straight and grabbed me by my neck with his large hands and guided me to the living room where a man in a white suit was sitting on a large comfy chair.

'Aw Tanya come in' the man in the white suit said to me.' I took a step in and he pointed to the floor in front of him. 'Here Tanya' I moved directly in front of him. 'Hands behind your head' I did as asked and then he ran his hands down each side of me until he moved below my dress. His hand moved from the outside of my thigh to the inside. 'Spread your legs. I did as asked. He ran his hands down to my feet then back up. 'Nice and smooth' he continued to move up under my dress then cupped my balls and moved his finger around my thong and placed it on my hole rubbing it back and forth before pushing slowly in. 'Very nice Tanya. I will enjoy fucking that and making you my whore' he said as he pulled his finger out and stood up. He put his hands on my elbows and slowly ran them down into my armpits that I had shaved. 'I like shaved pits too' he informed me.

'Turn around' he ordered and I did keeping my hands above my head. He raised my dress up exposing my smooth ass. He let go of my dress but it stayed above my hips leaving his hands free. He slowly ran his hands over my smooth shaved cheeks. 'What a beautiful ass you have Tanya' then he put his thumbs together on the hole of my ass and gently pulled my cheeks apart. Once again he pushed a finger inside, this time much deeper than before. "This will make a good cunt for me to seed. Do you like to be seeded Tanya?'

'Yes love it.'

'Good. Can you take my cock now?'

My first adventure in drag Date: Feb 14th @ 1:38am EST
It had always been a fantasy of mine. I have very feminine features and long natural straight brown hair-which I recently had shortened to chin length.
I have been dressing in women's clothing now for many months and had decided that this was the night to get made up totally and head out into public.
It took me a while to get ready because I wanted my look to be perfect.
I chose my favorite black lace hipsters with the matching garter belt. My stockings were new, silk, and black with lace trim. They felt so good against my freshly shaved legs and trimmed pubes.
I finished the underwear off with a black lace bra I had just bought because it matched the panties, garter, and hose. I felt so good after taking a long hot bath and shaving everything I needed to. My make up turned out wonderfully-with mascara accentuating my long lashes and earth tone eye shadow highlighting my coffee brown eyes, and of course ruby red lipstick making my lips look full and juicy. My skirt came just below the knee and was a deep red color-made more red by the black stockings-and hugged my little ass nicely. I put on a silk top that was two tones of blue and was tight enough you could see the bra outline underneath. The neck line was modest but if I bent the right way you saw the lacy bra. My outfit was completed by high heeled black leather shoes that had brass buckles up the sides and made my ass look hot. A small hand bag was all I needed to hold money and house keys. A dab of a nice flowery perfume and I was in character.
The cab dropped me in front of a local bar where I was sure I could be seen, but not by anyone I knew. I swear the whole ride the cabby stared at my legs.
So far so good.
I went in and sat at a table, ordered a white wine, and watched the people float around the bar. As I finished my first glass the waitress brought over another and said it was from the man at the bar in the grey suit. I accepted and waved him over to sit down. He was very attractive with a chiseled jaw and salt and pepper hair. He was tall and dressed like he just came from a board meeting; he introduced himself as Derrick. I shook his had and we had a drink and flirted; he did not seem to realize I was a man until we got out on the dance floor and he held me close and I let his hand wander all over my ass. It was making me a little hard knowing this man wanted to have sex with me. Although I had been fantasizing about having sex with another man I had not followed through yet, but the point of no return was here and I felt this was the time to do it.
He felt the bulge beginning in my skirt and all of a sudden had this look of fear on his face.
"Are you a man?"
"Not tonight. Tonight I am Ruby."
"You are a freak."
"If you say so, but I would still suck your cock in the bathroom if you wanted." I walked him back to the table and we ordered another drink round. He sat quietly for a few minutes, finished his martini, and leaned in to tell me he was going to the washroom and if I wanted to earn a hundred dollars to follow him into the stall and get on my knees. I licked my red lips and followed at a discreet distance. He checked and there was no one in the first stall so I quickly went in and he followed, locking the door. I began unzipping his pants. He stopped me at first and told me not to speak. He found me very sexy but did not want to think about the fact I was a man; all he wanted was a quick hummer and he was going to get a cab home to his fiance. I just shrugged and told him to show me the money. If I was going to do this for money, I wanted to see the money first. He reached into his inner pocket as I took his cock out (all four inches of it) and began jerking him slowly. He fumbled at first but produced five twenty dollar bills. I had him stuff them in my bra and sank slowly to my knees. My first blow job was going to be for money! What a night; I totally became a whore.
I licked all down his shaft and sucked his balls a little but I could tell he just wanted me to blow him so I took all of him in my mouth and as his balls tapped my chin I sucked him hard and slow. He soon has his hands on my head and was guiding my rhythm as I coated his skinny little dick with my spit, so much in fact it dribbled out of my mouth and left little strings on the end of him when I came out for air. I grabbed the base of his shaft and continued shallow sucking him as I jerked him off. It only took about two minutes to make him come in my mouth. He twitched as I drained his cock of come and licked him clean before tucking him back into his trousers and standing up.
"How was that, hmm?"
"Holy shit, that was hot."
"Glad you liked it. Now on your way little man, kiss your girl for me."
I left the stall, first checking to make sure there was no semen hanging off my face in the mirror and made my way to the front door. I was about to call it a night and call a cab when I stepped outside, but there was this big burly looking guy with a beard and wearing plaid shirt and blue jeans. He was smoking a cigarette by the parked cars and called out to me.
He introduced himself as Claude but I suspect that was made up. I told him my name was Ruby. He laughed and told me that he knew I was a guy. I just smiled and assured him I was anything he wanted me to be.
He smiled as I took his cigarette and took a long drag and handed it back exhaling slowly. I smiled at him and he looked me up and down before telling me he thought I was dead sexy and wanted to know what the rest of my evening held. I simply told him that I was up for anything. He was staying at a motel for a while as his wife had kicked him out because he was sleeping around with trannies. He invited me back to his hotel for a night cap and if I was interested; he liked it when cross dressers fucked him in the ass. I smiled at him as he stepped on his cigarette butt.
Hospital adventure Date: Feb 13th @ 12:29am EST
I had been in a car accident a year ago and the doctor had me see someone to talk to. The doctor was the typical overweight man, about six three bald with glasses. Every time I went to his office he was in shorts. I even joked about it but got no response. We always sat at the table in his office and after talking he would have me put my head down and he would talk to calm me. Soon he would say things and I would respond, like raise your hand, take a deep breath, stuff like that. After a year I would almost fall asleep as soon as my head was down resting on my arms as I sat in the chair.

One day when I arrived at his office everyone had left for the day. The place seemed so quiet and dark as the lights were turned off. We started to talk when he said tell me about your early sex life. It took me back but I figured it was supposed to do that to keep me off guard and tell him what he wanted to know. He moved quickly and asked me to tell him what jumps into my mind when he says the word cock.

"I picture a cock," I told him honestly.

"Tell me what it looks like," he asked.

"Well, it's hard with a mushroom head and a slight vein on the side," I described it.

"That's very detailed; is that what yours looks like?"

"No," I replied.


"I am reaching for the cock I guess."

"Describe to me how it feels."

"It's hard and soft at the same time, like something inside of it is hard but the outside is soft."

"And how does it smell?"

"Clean, like soap."


"Kind of like rubber."

"How does it feel to your tongue?"

"I can feel the mushroom head and when I go over it the cock moves."

"Do you like it?"


"I want you to suck it like you want it to cum."

"I am bobbing my head up and down, my saliva is making it all wet and I can feel it hitting the back of my throat now there is a slight taste of precum, I am sucking harder."

"And what are you wearing?"

Another question to throw my off. But I imagine looking down.

"I am in a dress, blue and white checkered with white lace trim, white stockings and black shoes."

"And do your stocking go all the way to your waste?"

"No, they're knee highs."

"Are your legs shaved?"

"Yes, smooth and soft."

"Where is the cock?"

"I'm holding it with my hand, pumping it slowly as I look down at myself."

"And what is the man saying whose cock is in your hand?"

"Suck it bitch!"

"Are you a bitch?"

I look down and see I have no underwear on.

"I am more a slut I think."

"A slut, not a whore?"

"I don't know."

"Go back and start sucking his cock once again."


"Describe what he looks like and what he is doing."

"He has big muscular legs, his jeans are around his feet and he has his hands on the back of my head as I suck on his cock."

"Is he making you take his cock deep?"

"Yes, but my hand is playing with his balls and I want his cum."

"Okay, he is about to cum, tell me what's happening."

"He has pulled his cock out of my mouth and is jerking it hard in front of my face. He pulls my head back by my long hair, I have my mouth open but he is resting his cock on my upper lips and pushes his cock hard against my nose, then he shoots up my nose! 'Whores need to smell their masters,' he says. Snort it in bitch until you swallow it! I am snorting it, but it makes me cough. Now he makes me suck the last cum out of it."

"Remember that smell, and what you are wearing and we will continue tomorrow."

I lift my head, half tired, half horny.

"I think we made a breakthrough. I want you to go and buy yourself something you would normally never wear and wear it tomorrow."

The next day I went shopping, looking for something to wear. I stared at women's thongs for a very long time but I would never wear it. I went into an adult shop and bought a collar. It was leather and had a 'D' rind on it. I put it on and went to the doctors.

"Nice collar," he said as I entered the room. "Was that your first thought?"

I froze for a moment then told him the truth, "No, I was looking at women's thongs, but was embarrassed and bought the collar instead."

"I believe you want to be submissive and serve a man. What do you think about that?"

"I don't know, maybe."

"I think we have to take this one step at a time. Tonight, I want you to shave your body of all the hair but what's on your head, and buy the thong and wear it at home. If you feel comfortable enough, wear them here with the collar. Can you still smell the cum up your nose?"

I take a sniff.

"Yes, I can," I say, surprised at myself.

"I also want you to think about what you told me; are you a slut or a whore or a man?"

I went home not sure what to say but I stopped by the adult shop and bought the thong. It was the one I wanted, red with lace and only string in the back. I went home and that night could not stop thinking about what the doctor asked - am I a slut or a whore? I closed my eyes and imagined sucking the man's cock, I could taste and smell it, his hands on the back of my head, gently forcing me to suck his cock and all the time he kept saying 'suck it cunt.'

The next day I got to the doctor's office early and everyone was gone. The doctor came out and sat in the lobby with me after closing the office door and locking it.

"Do you have the thong on?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded. My cock was getting hard as I looked down I could see the doctor still in his shorts.

"So what are you? A slut, whore, or a man?"

I looked at the doctor straight in the eye. "Neither. I thought a lot about what the man called me. He called me Cunt, so I am a cunt willing to do whatever it takes to please that man."

The doctor was speechless this time.

"So if you're a cunt, what do I call you?"

"Whatever you want," I said, not sure myself. "But I feel I am realizing that I am a cunt and I feel I want to be what I see myself as."

"You want to be a girl?"

"I want to be whatever is required of me to be in order to serve."

I glanced down at his shorts and could see the tip of his cock. My mouth began to water and for the first time I knew what I wanted. The doctor noticed what I was looking at and moved so his cock was not showing.

"Then you have to make the change and live with it. Go out and buy yourself clothing to suit your needs, and tomorrow we will meet back here."

I felt the doctor was just brushing me off but in the end I knew he was right. I needed to make the change so I went out and bought all new clothing, from lingerie to dresses and a few toys as well, butt plugs and harnesses, nipple pumps and breast pumps. I went and had my hair done and looked even more like a chick then some I have known. I was ready to accept my new life.
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